Does anyone have an interior bus background?

I need an interior daytime bus background for my story. Could anyone help me with this?

EDIT: I have found a background.



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Let me see, if I can!

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Ahh, I’m so sorry! Both apps I use don’t support any interior of transportation unless it’s a plane! I’m so sorry!

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It’s fine! I’ll find one!

Do you want it resized if so one two or three panels?

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One is fine.

one sec

See if this looks bad. If so I’ll try another. I think it may be my computer

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It’s a bit pixelated.

But that’s my only complaint.

@Raybadem lets ask them!!!

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If you don’t mind cartoon looking I have another

Cartoon looking isn’t a problem.

Ask em what?

I can get one hold on

It’s fine! I found one.

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Episode harmony can send the details here