Does anyone have an iphone splash it looks like x,xs or xr?

comment down below if you guys have any?

do you mean an iphone lock screen (or home screen) background?


i can make one, you have to tell me the type of the screen (lock or home), what wallpaper you want and the time (and date if you want lock scree)

can you make someting like this without the blue

yes, sure, what kind of screen (lock or home), wallpaper and time (+date if you want lock screen)

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Home screen can you do a dog as a home screen a Siberian husky ? Then like to open for messages splashes can you do that as well?:blush:

like this?

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Yes like that but how the iPhone x looks like

sure, but it might take a bit, i’m working on many things rn :sleeping:

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these are not the best srry… maybe you can try to fix them

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