Does anyone have any gym/fitness backgrounds?

Hi! I’ve been searching these forums for a good min now, and I unable to find any gym backgrounds with treadmills that meet the size requirement. If anyone has any PLEASE help ya girl out!

Just saw your post on my mobile app so when I get on my laptop I’ll send you a background I found off a google drive of leftover episode backgrounds that didn’t make it to the portal, I will double check though if that one has a owner for you to credit. Would you mind if it’s tomorrow?

Yes! Of course! Thank you so much! I have no problem waiting whatsoever!

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I do actually!


Omg! You’re a god send! Thank you so much!

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I just checked them out, and they look really good! Thank you sm!

Ok so this came from the Episode Google Drive

Is that something you were thinking of?


I was hoping that it had a treadmill, but I think I could add it as an overlay. But, can you please send my the link to that drive if that isn’t too much?

Thank you so much! Is there any way for me to follow you on instagram?

yep its katie36_episode