Does Anyone Have Any Overlays?

Hello, as the title suggests I am in need of some overlays.
I give credit.
I need about 11 - i don’t mind if they are all from different people but here are the ones I need:

  1. a phone (most specifically an iphone but it doesn’t matter)
  2. a bruise
  3. a cut
  4. a bullet wound
  5. a positive pregnancy test
  6. a negative pregnancy test
  7. a laptop
  8. a ink male’s arm (in colour Tan) - the front arm from the pose sleep_sitting with tattoos (if that makes sense)
  9. a blanket/quilt cover
  10. a pillow
  11. pizza box

if anyone could give me any of these overlays i would be extremely grateful.
thank you.
Lexxie xx

Here are some I found

wound_PNG6273 image image image
Credit for Blanket: @/smg.episode which I think now is @/Shara.stories

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Ok thank you so much

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No problem

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Here are a few:


Tell me if I should change anything :smile:

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They’re great thank you

No problem :hugs:

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