Does anyone have arm overlays for male and female characters? (INK ONLY)

Does anyone have female and males arm overlays in tan, honey, taupe, and caramel skin colors. Any other skin colors are excepted as well because I might be adding new characters as well. Speaking of new character if there is anyone who would like to be in my story let me know and I might add you. Sent me a pic of what you want to look like. The story is “Kaylee Girly” and it is by Yoshi. If you would like a shout out to promote your story let me know as well.

I think @Jade.epi might have some. I know @episode.uwe from IG has limb overlays :thinking: :blob_hearts:

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thank you

@shara.stories on IG has all ink limb overlays

right now i only have this one that i made:

thank you