Does anyone have background INT. CLASSROOM LA DESK - DAY without the Hollywood sign?


I need the background INT. CLASSROOM LA DESK - DAY but without the Hollywood sign in the back, can anyone help?




I know that background also but i need the INT. CLASSROOM LA DESK - DAY just without the sign in the back specifically


Oh. I don’t know if there is one. You might want to check an instagram page that does custom backgrounds


Know any you can recommend?


You could ask someone on Instagram to create a custom background for you?


There are many people. I don’t know who to recommend.


Alright, ill see what i can do


Hello! I can try and cut it out, but it might look a little strange. What would look better is if I find a similar background to what the view is outside the window and put that in instead. let me know if you would like my help!


That would be amazing!



Here you go! Let me know if you want me to find another background or change anything.


That’s perfect! Thanks both of you!