Does anyone have Cover pictures for my Princess story?Urgent

Hey writers,

I need a cover picture urgently,I’m not too picky about it, but it has to involve my main character.
This is my story;

Name: Royal Charm Academy
Author; Corinne Blair
Style; Ink
Genre: Fantasy& Mystery
Episodes: 4(more coming soon)
Story description; (im giving one different to the story, so that its easier for the creator) A poor family found you on a road wearing a mysterious necklace. They adopt you. You grow up and work in a cafe. Then one day, your name is drawn from the lottery to study at a school for royals. But your history returns to shock you.



you should probably include the character details and stuff lol

@zapcV Some examples please…

Attention Writers/artists:

Here is my MC in different outfits;

MC in work outfit

MC in school uniform

MC as princess

Please PM me if you need more details and I will be glad to provide !:kissing_heart:

hey, sorry if you misunderstood my comment :sweat_smile: I was just trying to point out that people are less likely to do your art if there aren’t details in the post, but unfortunately I don’t have time to do your art.

No its okay, its just that i don’t know what details to post as I am still new to the forums.

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I think what she means is for an artist to create it a bit more information is needed, saying you’re not too picky leaves too much room for interpretation, some artists don’t mind having free rein but it’s a lot of work to go through for if you don’t end up liking the finished piece.
Try to add a list of your character’s details to the original post (I recommend this instead of a simple screenshot as some screen resolutions can make determining small things like close skin colours and eye colours, hard to figure out.), Write down what outfit you want the character to wear, not three options, pick your favourite that will best represent the story. Say what pose you want the character to be doing, if it is an episode animation, say which one, if it is a custom animation, provide a good description or a reference picture. Also include things like whether you would like it to be an edited cover (using an episode character picture and then transferring it onto the cover) or a drawn cover, (where an artist draws the character from scratch), Preferably also provide either a background picture (In which case ensure it is either from the episode catalogue or from a copyright free image site, not google) or at least give a good idea of what background you want it to be on.


Thanks. I’m just a bit lost here…

No problem sweetie :slight_smile: everyone needs a little help sometimes

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I already have someone doing my covers, but if she isn’t able to do them I will post more details.

Sure, if you like… maybe someone else will be able to do it if she can’t.

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