Does anyone have Door overlays like this?

Does anyone have a door overlays that look like these but different colors?

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Are you looking for this exact overlay in different colors, or just something similar to this style?

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I don’t have the same one, but here’s a couple that are somewhat similar. They’ll most likely be 3 zone backgrounds.



These are cute i’m sorry if i’m being annoying but is there a closed version?

ahh there isn’t I’m sorry and don’t worry you’re not being annoying, but if you’re looking for just an open and closed door/doorway then I can send you some other ones.

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Alright ok thanks

I would send you them directly, but it’s against her drive rules so @/amepisode’s drive has separate door overlays at a bunch of different angles and colors which you can put in front of any background, as well as a doorway series with the door at different angles similar to your image above. I recommend checking that out, and let me know if you need me to send you the link to her drive.

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Lol the funny thing is i’m in her drve right now uplaoding the door overlays to my acc :skull: thanks tho

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Um I’m also looking for a door closed overlay .Can you send me the link

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okay great no problem

sure, here’s the link to the doc with her rules and the link to her drive will be at the bottom.