Does Anyone Have Extra's I Can Use?

Does Anyone Have Extra’s I Can Use? If so please leave them below LL or INK doesn’t matter, since the story will be in both styles. Also let me know if you would like to be credited and how I can do that.


Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Easygoing, tough, brutally honest :joy: and empathetic

Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: Sweet, caring and loyal

Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Mean, rude, obnoxious

Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Sweet, caring, and rude

All of them are siblings, except for the first, cuz that’s me and the others are just characters

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Thank you so much. Would you like to be credited if so how?

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here are some if you’d like! :heart:

also here’s an INK character :sweat_smile:

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You can credit me using my Forums name :kissing_heart:

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Sounds good

Thank you

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You can use my characters :))


:blob_hearts: also credit isn’t necessary but if you want you can credit me by my insta @arielle_episode :))

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Thank you

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Feel free to use my characters:)


Character names:
Asher Griffin
Dragon Griffin

(If you want to use a more normal name for Dragon you can use Amber, you can give either of them another surname if you want, this is purely to make them married, authors can do some creative things with that:), you can give them any relation to each other (except siblings/cousins))



Dragon- Stubborn, thoughtful, confident, determined, extremely sarcastic.

Asher-Sweet, confident, thoughtful, smart, funny.

Dragon-She/her, straight
Asher-He/him, straight

Favorite colors:

Dragon-Dark red&black


Feel free to change their outfits. I put their fav. colors there to have more of an idea what colors the outfits can contain (doesn’t just have to be it).

For credits: @dragon.writes on IG

Also tag me when the story is out, I would love to read it:)

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Aww thank you so much and I will sure to do so.

credit: atuskowrites on IG (anyone can use her as long as they credit me)

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You can credit me by tagging me in the story @Txu

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