Does anyone have flying cars overlays?


I need a flying car overlay for a story, could anyone provide me with about 5, thanks! :+1:t5:


Do you mean a car with wings? :thinking:

If you mean a regular car, then you can use any car you want (as long as they aren’t copyrighted) and then you can use overlay commands to make it appear like it’s flying.

And you only need 1 car for it unless you want different kinds of car types, because you can duplicate it 4 times : )


Good luck, I’m excited for your story friend :heart_eyes_cat: :kissing_cat:

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Ohh thanks! Which one Lost in your eyes or the other story that I have been working on for a while? :wink:

I meant like this:


Oh yeah, I know. :+1:t5:


Oh my gosh, never mind lol :sweat_smile:

OMG that flying car looks cool :heart_eyes:

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I know!

Top sercet


Super sercet

The other secret story is a fantasy, action, drama with “romance”.

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I’ll keep your threads open until you return. Yes, I believe you’ll return :sunglasses:


Here’s the one I use for my futuristic story

You’re welcome to use it too


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and you can’t use the picture from that example and turn it into and overlay?


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can i use this overlay


Yeah for sure

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thanks dear :cherry_blossom:


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