Does anyone have glitter overlays or like glittering star overlays?

I need an overlay for a character in my story who’s a little like Cupid. He’s also a time traveller, from the present day/future. i’d also appreciate any tips on how to code these types of overlays?
Thanks in advance x

I don’t have such overlays but you might be able to find some on PNGtree, CleanPNG and ClipArt? You could also download some glitter gifs if you want to and split the frames up and upload them as overlays.
:blush: This is the site I use to split them if you want to do that:


Ooh thank you! I can’t believe that I didn’t figure it out myself haha - I’ve made gifs and split them in the past and I didn’t realise that you do it the same way. x

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No problem! Good luck with your story. (:

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