Does anyone have some superpower magic overlays

Please can someone send me some plz

Hello! Depending on the powers, you can look it up! For ice powers, searching up “Blue Blast PNG” may give results. “Fireball PNG” perhaps for fire powers and etc. Let me know if you need anymore help!

Thank you KC

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Glad to help!

Yeah I’ve got a ton of them. What kind do you need?

Like any

Please Can you send me some examples

Sure I’ll send you a few, give me a minute.

Ok thank you

If none of these work for you I can get some more, just let me know!




Thank you do you have more just so I can make it look like different spells

Shoot, I just realized that some of these are jpgs. Let me know which one you want so I can convert it into a png if it isn’t one already.

Yeah, I’ll PM some more to you.

K please can you do all

Thank you

Have you done? Or are still working on it thank you btw

Still working on it, I should be done in a few minutes.

Ok thank you