Does anyone have stuffed animal overlays?

I just need some stuffed animal overlays.

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I’ve got you some:

Stuffed animals


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are they copyright free I know the Winnie the pooh arent,

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Idk. If Episode approve them, then they are.

no. approved dosent mean copyright free. I have seen people who had approved stuff there clearly arent, like sims, or one who used a miraculous ladybug fan art as cover.

those who approve are just human, and they can make mistakes and they have many times.

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I know this one is copyright free because I did cut it out

and I cut this out from some episode art

I don’t know, sorry :woman_shrugging:t3:
I just found them on Google.

google arent copyright-free nither is Pinterest btw

its google it just give you access to everything, find stuff and let you see it. you need to find stuff on copyright-free websites,

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Oh, I’m sorry.
I think I only use 1 background for my upcoming story from Google. I couldn’t find it anywhere in night. Do I need to change it? The rest of all the backgrounds, I used open Google Drives from people on the Forum and gave them their well deserved credit.

I think you might do, but you say in night, so I asume you had in day already. or something, is it an episode background there was edited.

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Well, the day ‘theme’ is on Episode Interactive, but the night ‘theme’ not. I went looking on Goolge and I’ve found the same background, but then in the night ‘theme’, so I’m using that one too.


if you want, you can send a photo of a plushie you like, and I will cut it out lol

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so long as it’s not copyright haha

Yes please!

ok I am waiting ;D

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It’s not uploading

I’ve found those backgrounds on Google and I’m using them in my story. Do you think I may use them?


And I can’t find the living room night version background in a second.

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do you have instagram? try dm’ing it to me.