Does anyone have the night time version of this background?



Hey, so I just found this amazing background by @shellyg and I was just wondering if anyone had the night time version of it? I can’t seem to find it…


If no one have it, @justinesolano can make it.
It’s one of the best.


I could make a night time version of it if you want.


Ok, thanks, that’d be great.


Hey, not to be rude or anything, but you might want to get permission from @shellyg first before you ask someone to edit it. As I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like someone editing her work.


Thank you hun! Haha aww it was nice seeing this <3 hopefully the person above can help her out x


Yeah what @StoryWriter10 said.


I don’t like anyone editing my work.


Thanks for telling us @shellyg
Sorry but I cannot complete your request


@shellyg might have it?


I just found this a week ago and since it’s been approved, I wanted to verify if it was yours @shellyg so I can give credit.


It belongs to @pamelac.stories!


It belongs to me and that’s not even the original one. I don’t know who edited it but clearly, my backgrounds can not be edited.