Does anyone have this background

someone made this for me but i cant no remember where this background is from

someone message me needing this background

so does anyone have this?

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@RYAN close please i found it

No wait where did you get that from I’m trying to look for it

Sorry these are the closest i could find

If you still haven’t found it yet it’s called INT. ICE BATH GRANDMAS BATHROOM - NIGHT :slight_smile::heart:

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No I thought it was an overlay due to the girl in the mirror

Ah, I see, my apologies :slightly_smiling_face:

Where did you get these?

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I found them

I have these 2:

(Credits to @shellyg for the first background)

2ae2bcde68f3aa412d2be1115070464d 8d82df621ed07c8313c0f997b91c1ddf

(Also just because this topic is closed and I can’t send a direct message to this person, I reply from here to @shellyg for mentioning my name on a comment below…)

I would have mentioned your name if I knew the background was yours @shellyg . I didn’t do that on purpose, I found this background randomly on the internet while searching for another one and I thought I could help the person who created this topic. I will add (and already did) your name and give you credits of course, but you don’t have to be so demanding and you could be kinder about what’s concerning you… I didn’t have bad intentions and I love your work. Couldn’t say the same for your attitude though. Even if you have every right about this, you’re losing it all by being so mean.

@HarisPgr @kennedy11 Stop reposting other editors work. Their rules state you’re not allowed to redistribute. You never even mentioned who created these backgrounds.

You guys posted one of my bathroom backgrounds here. I’m getting tired of repeating myself.


i found it yesterday its on the website and its not a overlay its an art scene

you can ask someone to make you an overlay of the mirror or anything in the bathroom also with any backgrounds

@Jeremy close please

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