Does anyone have this certain overlay that i can use

Does anyone have a smoke overlay i could use? i will credit you just give me the name you would like me to credit.

There is a smoke overlay in episode, I think!

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smoke overlay? There is a smoke overlay in the writer’s portal. go to Art Catalog > Overlays > then search up EFFECT SMOKE the smoke overlay will come up.

For future references, if you want overlays, it is best if you use websites that allow commercial use and is safe to use. Most overlays you search up on google aren’t flitered by photo licence, so of them are also royalty free, personal use, atttribution required… so if you search for overlays make sure it is available for COMMERCIAL USE. To fliter by license search Advanced Google Search.

Example for safe sites:

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I did not know that, thank you! also i didn’t know about the smoke thing! i will use that.

Thank you! :smiley: