Does anyone have this problem?


Hey! I kinda need help with fixing my cover this is what it looks like atm when l view the story.

Idk what to do, does anyone know how to fix the zoom or size up? Thank you!:heartpulse::heartpulse:


OK, can try @zoom reset in your story.

Does your cover take up two or three panels?

If your cover takes up two panels and it’s in the second one, you’d write:


@cut to zone 2

@zoom reset

Bla bla bla…


let me just check l think cause it’s a sound bg l think l did two panels


it works a bit but it covers the this and turn kinda so what do l do l can send through a ss of what it looks like now.


OK, I’d recommend to crop out parts of the image so that focuses on that area and if necessary re-size it using the Simple Image Re-sizer so you can re-upload it :smile_cat:


If you need help with doing this you can PM me :wink: :revolving_hearts:


l got it now! l moved it a bit but with a black bg and thank you for helping me :blush:


All right, that’s great to hear, let me know if you ever change your mind and I’ll give you a killer re-sized image :sunglasses:

Kidding around…OK so not… :revolving_hearts: