Does anyone have tips for someone who is going to start drawing on a digital platform?

Hello people from this community. So, I was wondering if any of you could tell me some tips for those who are starting to draw on a digital platform.

• My best friend has a knack for drawing so she decided she would like to be a part of my stories doing Art Scenes but she has never tried drawing on a digital platform and I would like to know if anyone has any tips for beginners?

I appreciate any help!:heart:


LAYERS ARE IMPORTANT because undo can not always save you
so being able to undo a layer is a lot easier the undoing the entire thing!
And it helps with shading and overlays
Like if you want the glass of water on top of the table and the table and the cup were separate layers all you would have to do is move the cup above the table layer

I hope that made sence


It does, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

  • I know everyone says this, but practice is everything. You won’t be great at first (most likely - and don’t worry I definitely wasn’t good at first) If you keep practicing, you will get better, I promise
  • For apps I like to use ibisPaint X (it’s free) and definitely utilize the layer system. It keeps everything much more organized
  • I made a pinterest board with digital art I’ve found that I really like to kind of base my style on. Looking at other art while your drawing can be helpful with shading and such (but obviously don’t trace their stuff)
  • Watch YouTube videos on things you struggle with (for me it was body proportions)

That was a big help, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


•Be familiar with your program. You’re going to be working a lot on your program. If you don’t know where things are, you will be confused.

•Find brushes that you feel comfortable using. Some brushes just don’t work for me.

•Flip your canvas. This is extremely helpful for proportions. You can find the parts of the drawing where it just looks weird.

•Make sure you want everything in the sketch to stay the same because once you start coloring, it’s hard to change.

•Use layers.

•Priortize blend modes. Another thing about using layers is that you can use blend modes. Basically with blend modes it can make your drawing pop more. For example, if I want to make a shadow, I could use the mode Multiply and a dark purple color and it would look much better than just a Normal layer mode.

•Shift hues. Your drawing can look bland if you dont shift hues. For example, if the skintone I’m using is on the orange hue, I will shift it to the red hue and darken it a little bit and shade with it.

•Watch tutorials.

•Watch speedpaints. Speedpaints were very helpful for me when I was starting out. Watch videos from different artists and how their process goes.

•Use tools like Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Color Balance, Brightness and Contrast if the color on your painting isn’t how you imagined it to be.

•Use clipping. Literally the best tool ever. For example, if I draw a circle that is filled, and I want to color over it without it getting out of the circle. I would use clipping and the colors won’t go out of the circle.

•Alpha lock is also like clipping but used on the actual layer in this case the “circle layer” Because to use clipping, you have to add another layer above the circle and equip clipping.


Being honest ppl are right when it comes to practice . The more you practice the more the style your looking for will come to you.

There are 2 main platforms to create art on & that’s ibis paint x & pro create . Every artist finds one easier to use over the other . I use ibis because it comes easier for me

The layer system is to be organised & you will learn how to use this properly through YouTube videos ! YouTube has everything on it !

After you’ve got that out of the way you can create your own brushes for your own style example hair or shading !

Good luck

  • Whatever program you use… make sure u have tested every component… like brushes and other tools
    for me it took a long time to locate them and understand what will work for what (textures and stuffs)

  • make as many as you need, even 1000 (exaggeration :joy: )layers if u must…
    *something that really helped me was watching other artists work, it made me familiar with several tricks and tips… if it wasn’t for rossdraws on youtube, I might still be unaware of “color dodge” and others like “multiply”, “darken”,“soft glow”
    I use it all the time now at some point

  • Trust the process… it will take time to get used to digital drawing… just like how we learned to write and speak… it will take time too… I was at the peak of giving up cz I could not get good at it in a few days time… and got frustrated easily… but once I realized… It didn’t bother me anymore

  • try out and see what software will work for you… I use autodesk sketchbook by the way… u can even watch reviews and tutorials based on a particular software