Does anyone know a good artist who does it for free?

Dm me here or tell me publically!


i’ll check it out! :blush:

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Awesome thank you :smiley:

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I just released a new story for the Magicka contest if anyone is interested in reading it! :heart: Also, send me your stories I need more stuff to read!!
Title: Magicka: The Ghost of You
Author: Ksenia Renee
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Summary: You’ve always been too focused on school to worry about love. But then Maddox Price comes around and changes everything. So what’s the problem? He’s a ghost. (CC, CM, LL)
Chapters: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight

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I will read and send you the screenshots when I’m done. Please do the same!

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I draw for free :slight_smile:

Here’s my work:

My Art

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Just letting you know that any reads before the deadline don’t count during the contest so I would wait to publish till a day or two before :smile: