Does anyone know a good filter app?

I’m trying to post my edit with a filter, but what I usually use ruins the quality or I have to pay for the pretty filters
Does anyone know a good app for this?

Photo shop express?
Pics art?
Those are the only two I use and Recommend. :sweat_smile:

Afterlight is really good :slight_smile:

Ty for telling me!

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Photo shop express! Its sooo good

And who made your pfp if I may ask?

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I did it myself :blush:


Omg! U…don’t take request do you?


I don’t anymore, I’m sorry :(( I’m so busy right now, but maybe I’ll take requests again one day, I’ll let you know if, you want to :wink:

Omg ofc :grinning: pls tag me if you open request someday

Omg, wait just a second, did you happen to request for a cover for your story to an editor on instagram?

Yes I’ve I requested 2 ppl, why??

I think I am one of them :joy: :joy:

Wait what? OMG WHAT?!
What is your instagram??

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You are not @episode.alla are you??

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oof ur art is amazing tag meh to plzz

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Nooo :joy: I’m @episode.hits

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Omg you are one of the 2 ppl :joy::joy: And yeah your editing skills suprises me everytime

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Is that your story btw?? Gonna go and read it

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