Does anyone know a some good apps for editing

i use ibis paint x but i want to try something else

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Medibang paint
and photoshop

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• PicsArt
• Any of the Photoshop apps (they’re free on mobile): Photoshop Mix, Express, and Fix. Mix is for arranging stuff on layers, Express is for photo editing like saturation, exposure, etc, and Fix is for removing blemishes and recoloring. However, Mix is missing a lot of features on the Android version, but the iOS version is pretty well-rounded
• More specific edits: Phonto for text, Glitcheé for glitch effects, Pixaloop for animating your photos

EDIT: If you’re looking for computer programs too, as @LiyahxWrites said, Gimp is pretty great!


Haha, I was just recommending some softwares to someone else.


i tried to download gimp but i just said the gimp manual

Here is the actual website where you can download it.

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thank you! is it hard to work

To me it is, but only because I know how to use photoshop. @XxAlphaBetaxX uses it and she told me it’s easy for her if that helps.

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oh okkk

if i am doing it on labtop do i download the windows one

I use PicsArt. It’s free, relatively easy to use, and it has a lot of different options for editing.

i will diffidently try it thank you

When i download gimp do i use windows if i’m on labtop

What kind of laptop do you have? Mac or Windows?


Then yes download the windows version of Gimp

ok thank you