Does anyone know about this weird Friends' Story thing was?!

Okay, so it has been a month since this happened, and the fact that I have no idea what this was is still bothering me!

So one day, I went to the “create” tab on the Episode app to preview my story, and I noticed there was a story by the “friends’ story” section. I was under the impression that the section was only there to tell you how to find stories and whatnot, but there was one random story there… I clicked it, and a random, poorly directed story started playing. It was incredibly short and weird, and to make things even more strange, the MC looked like the avatar I always customize for INK stories…

I was so confused but I didn’t think much of it, so I didn’t take any screenshots. I just left it alone, and then the story was gone when I tried to read it again! Does anyone know what this is?? Lol. I am beyond weirded out even today because I never once put my INK avatar for that account I have, only the LL one.

I really want to find out what that was because it kind of scared me lol.


In that sections appear unpublished stories, so if you had one there that means that you clicked on someone’s story link and their story was still unpublished. If now it’s not there, they might have published it

That is so weird because I really do not remember doing that! ;-;
It also disappeared right away. :o

If your friend was writing a story and wanted you to read it before they published and sent you a link it would go into that section of create. All unpublished stories which you accessed through a link go there.

If it disappeared that means it has been published. But since you’re mentioning something about a poorly directed thing, there might be some kind of glitch with one of those director helper stories.