Does anyone know an Instagram artist?

Does anyone know a episode artist on Instagram thats taking requests and not doing commissions? I see so many amazing artists but none of them take requests or they either do commissions only.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

You can request on my art group on here if you don’t find one :blush:

Bonitas Art Shop

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Bump. :heart:

My advice would be to look for the instagram group pages that take requests!
They usually open and close but if you catch on when they are open you will be able to place a request! Or i feel like alot of time if an editor is just starting out they have requests open! I notice too how alot of editors have closed requests, but sometimes you can message them and still ask! With me personally, Ive taken requests before even when my bio said they were closed😌. Hope this helps!

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Thanks :blush:

I do edits for INK if you are interested



I think epi.inna on Instagram takes request
(I’m not sure)

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You can see my art in my insta @stellamacchia_episode

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I need a limelight one, sorry I didn’t mention.

I’m trying to find an artist too on Instagram, and it’s hard finding one. Either they take commissions or they only make artwork for popular authors :frowning:

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Exactly! :sob:

I think it’s a bit unfair.

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I love your covers, do you mind doing one for me?

You find a better chance of finding free artists here on the forums to be honest… there’s plenty here.

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I do admire a lot of the art people make here, but most of the time there closed or overloaded with requests. :woozy_face:

Yeah a lot of the time it depends on how fast you need it and what style (drawn or edited) you would like. Instagram can be the same long wait when/if you find someone taking requests. But most on there will be taking commissions, like myself, I take commissions, so that’s where most of us will get orders, rather than on here where people tend to do work for free, like I did when I started, and up until recently.

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Of course, message me the details :slight_smile: