Does anyone know any good stories on Episode?

Adrenaline, Fine Line And Anabelle are ones I enjoy :slight_smile:You can also read my story if your really desperate lol. It’s called Electricity.

Hahaha yes I am! I think I saw your story around and was thinking hmmm do we share the same name…

Here is a list of stories I recommend btw:

Love Me Black & Blue

This story tugged my heartstrings so much - it doesn’t have your typical happily ever after and it’s a really emotional story about two star-crossed lovers but destiny doesn’t want them together…


Great directing, overall funny story and is awesome to read - it is quite a fun story to read.

Rebounding with Storm is a good read too - I really liked it, very intriguing plot!

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Hey! I hope you don’t mind if I recommend the story I co created, it’s fantasy and drama mixed in one story :smile: if you do give it a chance, I hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you for recommending my story! xoxo

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