Does anyone know any good stories?


Does anyone know any GOOD stories with like a unique plot with good directing action or romanceor even comedy stories I can binge read?

please no cliche gang stories, bad boy stories, or pregnant by my…, sorry it’s a no from me m8


Not interested
The Shaw brothers
Chain reaction
Deep attraction


That’s funny because I’ve already read all those books ahaha




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Ok try 365 day (to find love)


Dj : the tension


The new girl


Back and forth


Rebounding with bad


Best mistake


Precious mistake


Faking death


Hope u enjoy them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Fine line, Complicated, My sugar baby affair, The bunny boiler, morte, stripped, moonlit feathers, the renegades


Honestly, all of kay elles stories are amazing. Great directing, diversity and unique plots goes for all of her stories. Personally I love Spotlight: Sherlock In Love. 21 dates by Meila Summers is really funny also :smiley:


I read this semi-popular story The Twins, although it is a gang story, it’s unique.


Maid for you
The Shaw brothers
Faking death
For my parents
Pregnant by her boyfriend
Pregnant by a killer
Love me (black and blue)
It’s just four letters

Those are some of my favourites!


Ahhhh my favorite story :black_heart::sweat_smile: