Does anyone know any sad stories?


These days I’m into reading sad stories (don’t know why).
Does anyone know any good sad story?


Love Me Black and Blue

This story tore my heart out, it is a very touching and is a realistic story in INK.


Thanks, but I already read it.


Ah okay - haha, I am a bit of a sucker of happy stories but if I think of anything I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


Lol I usually don’t read sad stories, but idk these days I’m into it.
Thanks for your help!


Ah I get you - and no problem :heart:


Ozymandias :sunglasses:




Hi @sofia2 I have a story which is kinda sad. It is a horror sad story so if you don’t mind, I hope that you can try it out. :slight_smile: It’s called Haunted: Take Me Home

Thanks! :blossom:


Yeah I’ll read it, thanks!


Thank you! Hope you like it. :clap:t2:


Love Me Black and Blue
Tears on a Train
Making Lemonade
Dripping Mascara


Thanks I’ll try them!


Same it was soooo sad. I rember that I’ve cried a lot at the end when she said to Roscoe that he will always be her first love but she had to move on. And I was always thinking about it. Couldn’t get it out of my mind. :sleepy::sleepy:


I was so close to tears - that ending just hurt me :sob::sob:


… Lol… I didn’t liked Roscoe that much… :see_no_evil:


:joy: tbh I wanted to slap him for being such an idiot but still was attached to him


I liked the other guy much better… And the whole story for me was really sad and sometimes depressing especially for the MC but I’m glad that she is happy at the end or else I would be so sad


The great thing is how realistic the ending was. Not your conventional happily ever after but she moves on in a way I think is really great.


Yesss it’s more like reality