Does anyone know any sad stories?

Hey check my story out!

It’s called Broken by me(xiomara)

Alondra Luna has a rough past with secrets that she wants to destroy. Although she grasps onto her sanity, will she fall in love despite her issues or fall into the darkness?

Ps. There are trigger warnings!!

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Thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Would you like to read mine? I really need someone to review my story but I don’t know anyone who would like to read a sad mystery one. Here are some details:

Episodes Available: 3

Title: You Can’t Escape Your Mind

Description: His soul, his body is connected to a young girl whose mind lives in a world of pure darkness. Depression and Anxiety can take you far away from the beauty of life and so can people. Who will save her? And most importantly how?


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I will check it out for sure! If you need I can send you my thoughts on it.

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Yea I’d like that thanks !

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Sad & Heartbreaking Stories Recommendation :broken_heart:

Love Me Black & Blue - effy ameer
The Dragon Bride - earlgreytea
Meet You At Home - Wynter Sapphire
Last Moments - JayJay
His Heart - JayJay
Heal My Soul - clara23
What Could Have Been - Adriana
Faded Memories - Kyla
The Distance - Lauren
Silhouettes - aprilish
Blind Love - Jane.s
Lovesick Timeless - Mona K.
Dying Love - Elle C
Stolen Moments - Indigo
14 Months - Amelia Kappe

They’re all so good :heart: and this is in no particular order :sunglasses: (will edit if I read another tearjerker)

paper planes by @jcwhisper.writes and we are boundless by georgia sanders

Thank you :two_hearts:

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I recommend The day I said goodbye by @megan12.episode