Does anyone know exactly how to size an overlay?


How or to what exactly you size this to? I can’t upload please help


Can you tell me which overlay is Larger than 1 MB…
So, I can compress it…


Moved to Directing Help & Tips. Thanks!


Yes, it’s this one.


Is it supposed to b a background or an overlay?


It’s an overlay


So you want that whole background to be an overlay? I can compress it rn


Yes it’s an overlay, i’m planning on putting an backround in that door… but when I plan on uploading it onto the overlays it won’t allow me because it’s big I guess & I don’t know how to resize it to? That would be great if you could!



It came off as a backround…?


Wait a minute…
Didn’t I already added a background to the background that you are wanting to make an overlay from??


@brvnda did you by any chance send me something to compress as I got something…
Just wanted to ask do you still need it compressed??
And the image that you send me (I guess by mistake wasn’t a .png though…


Sorry, for the long wait. I just resized it took a while but got it & I am struggling with overlays on when to come in… I have a grenade that I want flying from out of the screen onto the character’s hand… but I can’t seem to even make the overlay come in (starts at line 280)


You haven’t wrote the opacity of the overlay @jessie_1999
That’s why the overlay isn’t visible…
Write this-
@overlay GRENADE opacity 1 in 0

This should be added before the shift command for the GRENADE overlay