Does anyone know how I can make a custom story intro?

Hey! I’ve been trying to make a custom intro for. my story but I don’t know how to upload it. Any advice?

Hello there! First off, it depends on what you want your intro to look like. However, from my understanding, it will require making overlays. There are many artists on the forums (myself included) who make these overlays for free or upon commission.
Each overlay will be for one element that you want included in the intro. Be careful, if you want your reader to be able to tap on certain items, you will need to make the overlays tappable, which means that you can not re-size them. For example, if you want your main cast of characters to show up, you will need overlays for each character.

Upload the overlays by going into the “Art Catalog” section on the Writer’s portal and clicking “Overlays uploaded to my account”. Be sure to give your overlay a name that is relatively easy to type into your script!

Then, use spot directing to make the overlays move where you want them to and appear when you want them to. Use the “@ add overlay” command for this.

Feel free to PM me if you still need help!


Hi there! I appreciate the advice! I’ll try my best to upload overlays as sometimes it doesn’t allow me to for some reason. Thanks!:heart:

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Maybe your files are too large? :thinking: You cannot upload an overlay that is over 1 MB

That might be the case. So even if it’s an overlay with one object in, do I still have to compress it?

Yes :hugs:

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Just like you said, they are not resizable. You cannot have borders (at least borders with empty spaces) on tappable overlays because they will overlap. I’ve made that mistake before and was wondering my tappables wouldn’t work before I realized that you can’t change the borders after they are uploaded.

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Ahhh now I get it. Thanks for the advice! :kissing_heart: