Does anyone know how to blur out a character and not a background?

I nee only 1 of my characters to be blurred but idk how to do that.I know how to blur backgrounds but how do some authors blur out there characters?

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So what I think you’ll need to do is make a blurred overlay to put over that character. OR, if that doesn’t work, just make an overlay of the character itself, and blur it. I personally haven’t blurred a character before so I’m just using whatever comes to the top of my head.

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do you have an app that I can use to make an blur overlay?

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Pixlr is pretty good at editing. It’s a website though, so you may need to use a PC.

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Alright thx I’ll let you know if it worked or not

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I tried most of the blur websites that I can find but it would just blur the background so how would that make blur the character?

You need a png of the actual character itself, make sure it’s saved on your pc, MacBook or computer. Then use Pixlr E, and blur the character.
Also, make sure when it’s time to save your blurred character you save it as a png so you can upload it as an overlay in the catalog to use in your story.


Okay but how will that make the character do an animation? Wouldn’t that make the character stay still?

You screenshot the character doing your desired animation in the app preview and use Background eraser to erase the background to form an overlay.

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you cant blurt character while he is doing standard animation.

What you can do is

  1. instead of character create overlay - custom poze - this you can blur then as you need

  2. you can (if it fits the scene) instead of bluring the character make him fade - this will make ghost like semi transarent efect (might be not what you are looking for)

  3. you can use dim overlay between the front character and back character - the will not be blured but will be more in dark than the front characters


Do you know how to do an sertan episode animation while it’s like blurred instead of an custom pose

As I said this is not possible with standard characters and animations.

The only way to do it is a custom pose - if you want the character overlay to move you will need to animate the overlays (like separate limb overlays or like blinking eyes or mouth movement - it will all be done as an overlay.

There is no other way.

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Alright I’ll try thx for your help

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