Does anyone know how to code a fight scene?

So I am creating a catfight between the main girl character(who knows how to fight very well) and a stripper(who knows how to fight but gets beaten easily). I just need someone to walk me through it. Thank You!!!

You will need to spot them in the places you want them to stand in (do tell me if you are not familiar with spot directing) or you can have them standing in simple default spots such as “screen left” and “screen right.”
Example of spot placement:
@CHARACTER1 spot s x y in zone # AND CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is idle_fight_loop AND CHARACTER1 moves to layer # AND CHARACTER2 spot s x y in zone # AND CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER2 is idle_fight_loop AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer #

Example of the simple placement:
@CHARACTER1 stands screen left AND CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER2 stands screen right AND CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER1 is idle_fight_loop AND CHARACTER2 is idle_fight_loop

Example of how you could use the fight animations in a fight sequence:
@CHARACTER1 is idle_fight_angry AND CHARACTER2 is idle_fight_angry THEN CHARACTER1 is punch_angry THEN CHARACTER2 is punch_receive THEN CHARACTER2 is punch_angry AND CHARACTER1 is transition_sit_to_stand AND CHARACTER2 is idle_fight_angry_loop

CHARACTER1 (talk_fight_loop)
Taunt goes here.

Note: All, if not, most animations on there are incorrect because I do not have the animation catalog with me right now.

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Thank you!!!

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No worries! I hope that helps. (:

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