Does anyone know how to create this dressing game?

Do you mean a tappable dressing game, or a regular dressing game?

The basic dressing game template can be found here:

Or if you already have those three mannequins, you could have something like:

Which outfit will you wear?

choice (OUTFIT_1)
@YOU changes into YOU_pink

@YOU changes into YOU_shorts

@YOU changes into YOU_black


Depending on what kind of dressing game you’d like. :+1:

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Yeah I think it’s a tappable dressing game , when you press the outfit you want to wear

Yess , thank you so much !

You just need to make copy characters and change them into each outfit. Then to make them tappable, place invisible overlays over each character using tappable overlays.


Ohhh okayy, thank you :yellow_heart:

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