Does anyone know how to customize backgrounds?



Does anyone know how to customize backgrounds?


Like what do you mean by customize backgrounds? Like you want to add your own background or you want to alter an episode one? And if you have anything specific then please include that and I’ll help you.


You don’t really ‘customize’ them. You can make them yourself and then import them via the backgrounds.

Hope this helped somewhat!


Sorry Eww,… That’s weird, what u really mean about customized background, you should tell Upload your Background,


  1. Click on Google
    3.Art Catalog
    4.Click on Upload your own background
    5.Pick a photo of 640 to 1136 long.
    6.Type the background name
    7.Click Upload button
    8.Upload your background and after few days you can see it Upload…

Thank you, for reading…


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like I mean how do you get one. I have googled searched episode backgrounds but wouldn’t it be considered copyright if you just take it?? sorry i’m somewhat new to episode.


Well, what! I suggest you to go to youtube and search for your particular problem.


You can also allow one of our community’s talented artists to make one for you here.


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