Does anyone know how to delete or unpublish a story

Hi , I wanted to unpublish a story which I recently added . Is there any way to do that or even deleting the story will do

Is there a delete option ,

I’m pretty sure if you’ve recently made the story then you can delete it but not after you’ve made a couple chapters :thinking:

No I just can’t see that option

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Sadly no but feel free to check this out: New Portal Account Settings Beta Test!
And Support:
FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories! & FEATURE: Unpublish a Story


Ooh sorry haha then I have no idea



YW :crazy_face:

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You can stop them by locking and/or looping your story so no one can read it.

If you just put:

label loop
This message is on repeat.
goto loop

Near the beginning of ur story, this message replays, it doesn’t ever go past that. also, turn fanmail off so people don’t bombard u with “story???”