Does anyone know how to do the eyeball animation but without it having the finger part and just it having to eyeball part?

Does anyone knows how to do the eyeball animation but without it having the finger part and just it having to eyeball part?


Uhm you need to elaborate.
Do you only want the reader to see the face? If so you’d have to zoom in on the face.
I don’t think there is a way to remove parts of an animation.


oh thx?

Uhhhh, I don’t know exactly what animation you’re talking about. :thinking:

But here are some that might fit the bill? If not, then just give me a bit more description and I’ll see what I can find:


Otherwise, I think you’ll just need to add in an overlay that covers the body so there isn’t a finger or just zoom in on their face.

so the animation i’m talking about is firt_fingersnap and in some stories i read,They have that same animation but with just the part when the eyes are like that but idk how to take out the finger part


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Are you talking about the look at the end of that animation? Where their eyes are kind of widened like um wth? :no_mouth: they can skip the finger snap part by either using a duplicate and swapping places or being zoomed off the character and then going back to that character after they’ve finished that animation, to have that look. Another type of similar look but not the same is talk_repulsed.

Ohhhhh. You have to wait a couple of seconds for the fingersnap to be over and then the eyes will go like that. You have to pan the screen somewhere else when the animation goes off and then pan it back just to get the tail end of it… If that makes any sense.

It’s just some advanced directing. So, you just always trigger that animation 2 seconds before you want the eyes and it’ll do it. You just have to pan to the camera elsewhere.

Here’s a thread that explains it.

alright ty

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