Does Anyone Know How To Do This Overlay?


I want a bar counter as an overlay rather than a background but I don’t know how to take it out and make it png, can anyone help?


A PNG? Do you mean a JPG. Bc I think it has to be a jpg


I want the bar counter as an overlay so someone can be behind it, also hey


Oh okay. And hi :joy:


Do you have any apps. (Even basic microsoft paint will do) which can allow you to select part of an image. Also there are websites which allow you to remove a background easily.




Thanks, about apps. do you know any that will work on a Mac


No sorry. You can send it to me and I can take it out?


yup, I’d try but I just got this Mac and I have no clue how to work it. lol


:joy: K


it’s INT. BAR - DAY




That bit?


Yup, thanks


Now I need help learning how to download it


Np. Happy to help :blush:


You can go on google search and type bar counter png thats is what i did for my story


lol, I am useless


Really? Wow thanks, so all you’d have to do is png it. kk.


Yes thats what i did