Does anyone know how to do video call scenes on Episode?

Hello, I’ve started a book called Addicted To You and at some point, I need two characters to video call each other but I don’t know how. Does anyone else know how to because I’m practically a newbie to all this?

Thank you
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Hii!!! Don’t worry I’m a bit of as newbie at this too :wink::joy:. So you have two options for video calls you could either have a split screen. Where it is a normal background but its split in the middle and each side is different, for example, one side could be a beach and the other a bedroom. The other option is the have a normal background and then to use the phone overlay. So you can only see one person during the video call and then the person who’s holding the phones finger.

How do you do a split screen?

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You need to look up a background that is split screen or request one from an art thread

Ok thanks :heartbeat:

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Hey there! I could make you a background that will look just like a video chatting screen if you’d like! You just need to tell me what you want the background to be for the two people chatting (ex: @YOU is in her bedroom, and @MARY is at the beach).

Yes please could you do that?

How would you do the second option though? I’ve been struggling with that

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I think you do
I’m not quite sure, you can double check here:

You can find the overlays in the art catalog under overlays!

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I can show you! Just tell me where your characters are (the backgrounds behind them) & their names.

Sorry for replying 6 days after but basically Jaycee, You want to facetime each other i don’t mind where they are really

I would you like one for two bedrooms please so @YOU is bedroom and @JAYCEE is bedroom
thank you so much xx