Does anyone know how to draw (on paper, not IbisPaint or Procreate)?

Look at that, I’m back from the forums after a measly 2 (or 3) days of not being active. Maybe because I miss communicating on here and reading other threads. Anyway, does anyone know how to draw? I keep searching online for help on how to draw something simple as a house, but I can’t even draw a line without a ruler. Does anyone have a link to a reliable How to Draw website, another thread on this, or any drawing experts on here? Any kind of help would be appreciated, thanks!

Oh, and bump because why not.

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I know how to draw, not the best tho :sweat_smile: but I can try to help you with a few things if you want.

Theres also this channel on YouTube call rapidfire art, I’ve watched some of their videos.

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Okay, I’ll check out the Youtube channel

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