Does Anyone Know How to Let Reader Load In Avatar?


Does anyone maybe know how to let the reader load in their profile avatar? I’ve seen it in stories and I’m not sure how to do it.


That is still not updated, only few author were giving that type of things. But I don’t think they will give that type of update though


Oh, thanks. :slight_smile:


You can send in reader profile just enter into script

@CHARACTER becomes female/male profile


@CHARACTERNAME1 becomes female profile
@CHARACTERNAME1 becomes male profile


If you want to send the readers to character creation:

@CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar


@Apes and @GamrrGuy, thank you guys! For my story, I’d only be able to have the girls become their profile because it’s supposed to be a certain gender. Would you know how to do that? Would I have to ask them their gender?


Yes. I think that’s the best solution and use gains so you have a story for male and female


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah forgot about that lol, but it actually depends on the style since most people have limelight avatar you can do that only for a limelight story but other people have ink which can be useful if you are creating an ink story


Please let us know if this has been resolved. Thanks!


It has, thank you.