Does anyone know how to let your readers reread or skip a previous chapter

I’ve been looking for a code to let your readers reread or skip a previous chapter. But none of the codes I found work for some reason. I was wondering if anyone knew a code that would work. An example would be how mikaylas.episode let’s her readers decide whether they want to skip or reread a previous chapter. I’m going mad trying to find this :sob: , if anyone could please help, it would be very much appreciated :relaxed:


Click the link. It takes you to what you need.

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Oof, thank you so much!!!

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If you still need help all you have to do is make a label at the end of your story and put a choice at the beginning that would look something like this.

Do you want to skip this chapter?

choice “Yes” {
goto [insert your label here]

} “No” {



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If you don’t mind me asking. What do you mean by label at the end of my story? :thinking: This whole coding in my script has got me super confused. :joy:

All you need to do is this…

label [name your label here]

But don’t include the brackets when using this

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Ah I see, thank you so much for the help! :blush:

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