Does Anyone Know How To Lock A Story?


How? I want to lock my entire stories,and I will be revamping all of them.

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You could always just repeat the same speech bubbles through the whole story but that might take a while to copy and paste :joy:


You put in a code like this:

This story is locked, but…

label 1

Choose the code (they’re both wrong).

“This” {

goto 1

“That” {

goto 1


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label Story_Locked

This story is locked.

goto Story_Locked

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Put a typed-in choice for a password at the beginning of your story. Refer to the “Unlocking” typed-in choices! section of Dara’s thread below.


If you go to your episode profile, and if your story is on the app ofc, there will be a little eye and if you press on it, it will hide the story so people can’t see and when you are done, just go back to your profile and press the eye button

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but when you search it you can still play it, the story won’t show on your profile but when you search it it still shows.


Oh I actually didn’t know that :sweat_smile:

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It’s fine.


Got it. Solved.

@Jeremy u can close the thread.


Will do!

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