Does anyone know how to **LOCK** chapters?


I want to lock episode 2 & 3 because I want to edit it . Can someone please help. Like in order for someone to read episode 3 they would need to have a password


Like you don’t want them to read it?

label restart
This chapter is still not edited
goto restart

*You mean like that right?:thinking:


Thank you for your response, I was meaning like how people have you enter passcodes in order to unlock an outfit or anything of that sort but in order to unlock it they must have the passcode. but that will work too. Thank you!:slight_smile:


Sure! I used to do these a lot but ultimately decided not to because it’s a little bit frustrating when readers are supposed to know it, but don’t. I guess it’s more of a not wanting it to be a hassling gems type of deal. Anywho, I used the inputs like the one you use in a CC template for names. So,

I believe I did that right. There are other options that you can do to make it a bit technically easier, like telling them to put the password in all caps, because some people might capitalize the first letter and some might not, and it is sensitive to stuff like that. However you write it in those quotations is how they need to type it.

If that doesn’t work and it turns out that I’m missing something, let me know and I’ll write it from scratch. (I just input all the password stuff from a CC template on my phone and screenshotted it). Hope I helped! Have a great day!


Also, if it’s an outfit you want them to unlock, you can do a GAIN so that they don’t have to put in the password again, or you can make them do that every time they want to change into that outfit.


thank you! :slight_smile:




Oh, I just realized that when I wrote my gain, I put P1 instead of P1A. Don’t make that mistake! Your GAIN and IF needs to be the same for those future outfit decisions!


At the end of episode 1, you put something like this:


@CHAR enters from left to screen center

label loop

CHAR (talk_greet)
Hey! The author is still working on the next episode.

CHAR (talk_think)
They will be done soon.

CHAR (talk_excited)
Thanks for being patient!

CHAR (talk_neutral)
Tap the button below to replay this message.


goto loop



ah! Thank you so much! I will do that.


You are an absolute lifesaver! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for months. I can’t believe it was so simple :woman_facepalming:t3:


@Jeremy or @Ryan please close this thread as i’ve already gotten an answer.


Closing per OP request :v:t2: