Does anyone know how to make a character run in seconds?


Does anyone know how to make a character like run super fast from one zone to another? Please help.


Just do the spotting like this-

@CHAR walks to spot 0.426 245 322 in 2 AND CHAR does it while run_athletic

I chose any number that came to my mind…


Running_atheletic isn’t a command…
But what are you using INK or LL??


Sorry, i’m still adjusting to the run instead of adding the “ing” but yes I meant I used the “run_athletic” & I’m using INK


What the error message is saying??


It doesn’t seem to show one, i’m not sure why there is an ERROR mark on the zoom reset… when it works.
The error the message says it’s a backround i’m waiting for to be approved other than that, it dosen’t show any other error.


Try writing @zoom reset before the other background starts…


Tried but it won’t work for the zooming I have in the scene, I’ve noticed everything underneath that “waiting to be approved backround” will turn into an “X” on whatever line comes after.


Yeah it happens until your background is approved so the background that is showing the X mark isn’t approved…is it??


Yes, I just submitted it in today I think by tomorrow it might be approved… just I am really struggling with writing because I just started playing around with the portal but I think i’m getting the hang of it just I struggle the most when it comes to overlays & anything to with seconds.


Well I even joined recently not too long before but with practice you will get the hang of it in no time…
As its only been about one and a half month for me to be here but I can do branching choices, nested choices and also advanced directing and coding…
So, don’t worry about it…


Yeah, I just came in last week & i’ve been searching like crazy for help with somethings & i’ve gotten lucky with it or nailing it… Do you happen to know how to make a character run in fast pace though? Or the over the shoulder script camera angle thing?


There is a script template for the over shoulder script and for the fast run pace…
Can you tell me what is the whole Rosalinda code is as I can’t see it completely…


Here’s the over the shoulder script template…

Hope it would be helpful…


Yes, I have it as: “@ROSALINDA walks to spot 1.280 257 -6 in 0.2 AND ROSALINDA does it while run_athletic” I put in the 0.2 just to see if it would go really fast but didn’t seem to work.


And then why Rosalinda walks to screen center in zone 3 what the full code of it…
And what are you trying to do??:thinking::thinking:


That was the one I was testing… & Once I take it off the character stays still and dosen’t run but if I have that line the character runs? I’m really confused with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: & I want the character to run fast from one zone to another as i’m writing an “action story”


Okay so write something like this-

@ROSALINDA enters from left AND ROSALINDA walks to spot 1.280 257 -6 in 0.2 AND ROSALINDA does it while run_athletic

Try this…


You can have the camera following the MC at an incredible speed instead of panning to different zones…


And if it still doesn’t work then you have to place the character offscreen and then have her enter…