Does anyone know how to make art scenes?

Hey, so I’d love my story to have art scenes like in “The Teacher” but I’m not sure how to begin. Can anyone suggest some good programs or websites to do that? By the way, I have a macbook and an iphone. It’d really help me out

I use Ibis Paint and I’d like to make it by myself but I’m not sure how to start out, like what to draw first, how to add details etc. Can anyone help me out?

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The program I usually use is Ibis Paint x.
If you need an art scene I can help.
I am a member of Episode Helpers as well.

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Thank you, but I’d like to make it by myself.

I used Ibis Paint as well, but I really want to try to make art scenes like in the teacher but I’m not sure how to start out.

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Oh ok

Procreate costs money but is apparently the best for art scenes :grinning:


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@Ryan or @Jeremy please close this thread. I got what I needed😊

It takes a lot of practice to make art scenes like that.
I would recommend using real life reference pictures.
Also, art like that usually takes entire days to create. I know for fact it does because I do art like that.
Don’t get let down if you don’t see your desired progress in an hour or so. It should take much longer.
If you need any tips PM me on Instagram at Episode.zaddy or message me on here.
I can give you drawing tips and how to use digital art apps!

Here are some examples of my art!

Like I said, any questions or tips please contact me!