Does anyone know how to make characters grab an object? (INK)

Through all the stories I’ve read, I’ve seen writers multiple times try to make it seem like a characters is grabbing something, yet it doesn’t feel natural, due that there’s no animation for characters to grab something.

If someone knows the best way to do it, feel totally free to let me know how. :sweat_smile:

(If @Dara.Amarie could read this it’d be amazing, she’s an amazing director.)

Thanks in advance! :two_hearts:

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Do you mean props like a bat or cup?

For example, I want my character to grab a phone. I put a phone overlay on a table and then I want to make it seem like it grabs it, so then I use the phone animations. It’s a small detail but I want to know how to do it.

There’s an animation for INK, but I don’t remeber it’s name. You could search it in the art catalog group, in the animation tab.

Hey for girls there’s only an animation that she is turned back search for “reach” or “kneel” because I don’t remember the exact name either, same for boys but they can grab something without being turned back, hope I helped you (and sorry for the grammar English is not my language…):sweat_smile::hugs:

Yeah, I found it, thanks!! (Don’t worry I understood u and english isn’t my first language either, thanks againn) :grin:

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