Does anyone know how to make my character lay on bed?

I need help with this.

She should be laying on bed, but as a result i get her laying in the air, close to the bed. I’d really appreciate your help…

I spot directed it, but she’s laying in the air…

you’ll have to respot her so shes not hovering

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How exactly? XDDD

you wanna do
@OLIVIA stands screen center and OLIVIA faces left/right and OLIVIA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable
then save it and you can spot direct her to the correct spot on the bed
then replace stands screen center with the spot direct code

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I don’t know what the problem is bc you obviously know how to spot direct :slight_smile:
Just move her down to the correct spot and copy the command into your script

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She’s still hovering

Actually, I made it better :slight_smile:



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