Does anyone know how to make the camera focus and zoom on a character while pushing other characters out of the view?

I saw a scene in a story where the camera focused and zoomed on a character while pushing out characters from the view and was wondering if anyone knows the coding for it? Thanks :sparkling_heart:

You have to put like:

@zoom on (coordination) to (%) in (time u want it to zoom)

Thanks for your help but that’s different, its when the camera only focuses on a character and pushes background characters out the way. Like, if character 1 was in front of character 2 and overlapping, the camera would push character 2 out of the way and focus on character 1 clearly!

Did u try to move the camera on the preview screen?

I guess I could do that, but it wouldn’t give the same affect I’m looking for :confused:

Sorry that I wasn’t much of a help

Thanks anyways! :sparkling_heart:

The characters that are being “pushed” out of the way are actually walking spots while doing an animation while the zoom is happening.

&CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [animation]
@zoom on x y to % in [time]

It’s different but thanks for helping anyways :sparkling_heart:

Oh okay, I’ll try it out :sparkling_heart: