Does anyone know how to mix all the styles in one story?


So lately they’ve been some stories where people mixed styles in them and there was a recent post in the forums about mixing Ink and LL outfits when the stories are together.

It’s making me kinda crazy because I can’t find anything anywhere that actually helps and I really want to try making a story that combines styles.

Can someone who knows actually explain it to me?

CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink

I did exactly what she said in this video and it worked :slight_smile:


Does it work with when there’s the new Spotlight thing? Because it’s another “step” for choosing a character style.


Yes, it is. Although I tried to make the story for my friend on her account and it didn’t work (I don’t know why) so I thought they might fix the glitch but I tried to make a new one on my account and it’s working.


I just tried it exactly like that, and it just went on to to Limelight characters without anything else :cry:


Yes, it was the same on my friend’s account.
I think it may be because the account is fairly new? Because she tried to make a new email after and it didn’t work either.


My account exist since June 2017 it’s not because it’s new


But @Apes is right, I had my account since 2017 but it didn’t work so I tried my old email and it did.