Does anyone know how to put a person behind something?

does anyone know how to put a char behind the side of a bed or a table then pop up? like that bg “behing bushes” & does anyone know how i can continually zoom? (like when i zoom on different people it doesnt cut the zoom and it just keeps going?)

pls lmkkkk <3

Yes layers and and overlay of what you want them behind

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a bed, a brick wall, a big garbage can & a desk

Did you check the art catalog to see if they have those specific overlays already

only the desk is in there.

can you show me the backgrounds for the bed the brick wall and the garbage can

sure ! hold on :))

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all i found is the one w the bed & garbage can.



for the brick wall i kinda wanna do that cliche thing where they stack up while looking.

the bedroom background…where did you get it. I’m NOT COMPLETELY sure BUT i think it MAYBE a hidden background and IF it is you CAN NOT use it

i got it from the internet :)) i put it as a custom & i got it approved !

If you ever need anymore help :point_down::point_down::point_down: here’s a thread about other helpful threads

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btw do yk how to continually zoom? like what i said up there?

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thank you!

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