Does anyone know how to reset the customization?

I need my readers to redo the characters from scratch. Does anyone know how I can make that happy? :slight_smile:

In a different episode?

Set their features back to what they were before they customized and then put in the customization codes in again.

So like…
@CHAR changes attribute into Whatever Original Was
@CHAR changes attribute into Whatever Original Was

so on and so forth.

The attributes being:


etc. etc.

you know what I mean?

And then once they’re all back to the original state, you put in the customization thingy you want, either a template or write your own one out, and then they’ll be customizing from scratch.

Was that the answer you were looking for or did you mean something else?

By the way, that’s just what I would do off the top of my head. If you find an easier way or better way to do it, ya know…

Thank you for your help.

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Sure, will that work for you?

Maybe you could put your character back with the original features and use the code: @CHARACTER becomes CHARACTER NAME
If it doesn’t work because it’s the same character- then maybe try making another character with the same name.

You could try also having a character that looks just like the original and then use this code:


I’m going to try that :slight_smile: